Overpowered By the Flesh?

Our world functions in principle of sowing and reaping. You may have heard the saying growing up, "What you sow is what you will reap." I have come to realize that with everything in our lives, we will reap what it is we have sown. What are you sowing with the free time that you have?

A Whole New World… #RelationshipGoals

Without thinking twice we are caught up in what is happening in the lives of others and comparing our lives to the lives of people who we most times don't even know. I read a quote by Theodore Roosevelt which says: "Comparison is the thief of joy." We want to be married because we think it would be so cute to have a relationship and someone you can just talk to. Or maybe you want to be like that one single sister you see who is living it up right now. She's traveling and seeing the world without a man and is building her own life. It's not all sunshine and rainbows for the sister who is married and is longing and wishing she was single again because now she has to take on responsibilities for both her and her husband.

Hi – It’s Me, Failure!

The enemy does not desire that you should ever be free from that weight to walk out the calling God has on your life. If he can bind you up, he can disable you. If he can disable you, what should he have to fear. I picture the enemy saying to us when we are bound up by our failures and sins, "Ha, and you call yourself a child of God. If you were a child of God you would know that you have the ability to be free." Instead we allow fear and anxiety to take control over us and lead our footsteps.

I Am…

Maybe you are like me and you feel that your weakness, the sin that so easily besets you, your I Am.. has left you in a state where you feel that you will never be able to succeed in this Christian walk. Let me let you in on a secret. This is a secret that shatters walls, but you must be careful to not let it turn into an excuse for your weaknesses and for sin...